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Why TikTok Is Trending So Much


Why TikTok Is Trending So Much

   October 10, 2019

If you haven’t heard of TikTok by now then we are very surprised! The question shouldn’t be ‘what is this’ but ‘I want to know why TikTok is trending so much’.

However, if you don’t know what this app is then, in short: people upload 15-second videos of themselves for public viewing. 
The longer answer is that people will film themselves dancing or lip-syncing to songs and then use the app’s wide range of editing tools and filters before uploading.
This app has taken the social media world by storm — 80 million downloads every single month — since 2016 when it was first released. But still, we haven’t yet answered why TikTok is trending so much…until now!

Why TikTok is Trending So Much?

To truly understand the impressive nature of this app’s growth, we will start by stating that by last year (2018) TikTok had over 660 million downloads — that’s a 416% increase from the previous year!
Against all odds, the app became the fourth most downloaded app across the entire globe. To put this in perspective — Instagram placed fifth. 
Not only has this app gained many new users, but it has also been able to retain a much higher percentage of people (10%) than the average of the typical social media app (4%). 
Now, as promised, we will get into the actual dilemma of why TikTok is trending so much. 

For starters, have you heard of the term ‘FOMO’? If not, it stands for ‘Fear of Missing Out’ and refers to the way the internet (social media sites, to be exact) can cause people to feel like they were the only ones who weren’t invited to something — like a party, for example.
Occasionally, FOMO can apply to an app itself. This is what ultimately spurred the rapid growth of TikTok. People started to see the videos originally from this app, posted on Instagram — watermark and all — and wanted to have a go themselves.
Cleverly, this advertising technique played straight into the hands of our innate, uncontrollable psychological curiousness. 

Amazingly, the last time an app managed to boom quick enough for people to feel like they were missing out on something, was the rise of Snapchat!
Another reason why TikTok is trending so much is its ability to flood the user’s feed with increasingly engaging content; this only makes more people want to get involved because it looks entertaining. How else would they maintain such high user retention?
Perhaps more relevant is TikTok managed to take the guesswork out of posting. No longer is ‘what should I post’ pondered because the app provides an extensive range of prompts to help its users along with creative new ideas. 
As cringe-worthy as some of us may think it is, there are a few solid reasons why TikTok is trending so much — and will most likely continue to do so if the stats are anything to go by! 

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