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How Can I Become A TikTok Creator?

   January 7, 2020         brides | Japanese Dating | mail order brides | Tips and tricks | Uberhorny Reviews | Uncategorized         Become a tiktoker | Tiktok | Tips & Tricks

With more than 500 million people actively on TikTok already (and millions more joining every single month) TikTok has quickly become one of the most popular social media platforms on the planet – and a great source for targeted traffic if you’re looking to build a business, a brand, or become an online celebrity influencer.
At the same time, because TikTok is so popular and so red-hot right now the competition on this platform is ridiculously fierce.
Plenty of people want to learn “how can I become a TikTok Creator” but there aren’t any complete guides out there designed to take you from start to finish, getting your new account up and running but also flooding it with new Fans and Likes so that you have every chance of success right out of the gate.
That’s what this guide is designed to do, though!
Come Up With Your Hook
As we highlighted above, TikTok is almost unbelievably competitive right now – but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for you to succeed on TikTok.
Nothing could be further from the truth.
In fact, the reality that there are so many people on TikTok right now works in your favor when you realize that so many people are creating “copycat” channels with content that is pretty blan... [more]


Why People are Starting to Buy Tiktok Fans and Likes

   June 23, 2018         brides | Japanese Dating | mail order brides | Tips and tricks | Uberhorny Reviews | Uncategorized         Tiktok

Tiktok may be and indeed is unique in some ways but it shares many similarities with other social networks, social media sites and content driven social sharing platforms. You can compare Tiktok with SoundCloud. You may also compare the likes of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with how Tiktok followers respond, although the platforms are quite different from one another. YouTube may be in a different domain and of course much larger but there too you would find the same behavioral patterns. The fact is that the same people are accessing all these platforms. It is unnatural for them to behave differently on each of these social networks or social media sites. Everyone has access to the platform and anyone can vie for a great audience. Since anyone and everyone can in fact present their creations on Tiktok, there is a flurry of content and not all users have enough time to check out each new post. Most people follow artists they like. Popular artists will have more followers and that would set the ball rolling for more fans to join the bandwagon. The key here is the existing following. Anyone can have a few fans and likes. Very few will have thousands of fans and likes in a short span of time. Runaway hits are rare, so is overnight stardom. The only reason why people buy Tiktok fans and likes is to set up that foundation where from one can reach out to more people and present their profiles as already loved and much... [more]


How to get Featured on Tiktok

   June 23, 2018         brides | Japanese Dating | mail order brides | Tips and tricks | Uberhorny Reviews | Uncategorized         get featured | Tiktok

Let us accept the realty at the outset. Getting featured on Tiktok is a daunting challenge. Unless you have a truly unique or special skill and your productions are substantially superior to those of other users, there is a scarce chance that you would get featured without extensive planning. You need to make all the right noises and execute the right steps. Getting featured on Tiktok is as much about your creation as it is about promoting your posts in an effective manner. Here is a helpful guide you can use to embark on an uphill journey. • You must post frequently on the site. You cannot expect to get featured if you have a handful of videos posted over several months. You may target one new post a week and that may seem viable but you should actually post once every day. This is not reposting what you may already have. You need a new post every day. The site has more than twelve million new posts every day. Unless you are regular on the site, you will get drowned by the activities of your fellow users, who are directly competing with you for the same rewards. • Posting daily does not imply you can post just about anything. Your creations have to stand out. You don’t need to post ten times a day. You don’t need twenty creations every week. Focus on five to seven amazing creations in a week and post one a day. You can actually strategize production and time the posting of different contents based on your promotional needs. You can hold back on some of the creation... [more]


How to Pass Your Tiktok Competition

   June 14, 2018         brides | Japanese Dating | mail order brides | Tips and tricks | Uberhorny Reviews | Uncategorized         how to pass your Tiktok Competition | Tiktok

One of the most popular online video communities today, Tiktok has exploded its user base in just the last year or two – becoming one of those “must-have” apps on your phone, especially if you are creative! The perfect hub for creative people to show off their video skills, their Tiktok skills, and any of their talents they’d like the world to engage with, Tiktok is a platform built and designed around giving EVERY content creator a fair shake at getting the kind of exposure they deserve. At the same time, trying to get a viral hit on Tiktok is nowhere near as simple or as straightforward as a lot of people might make it out to be. Unless you know exactly how to market your Tiktok content (unless you are willing to put in a ridiculous amount of time to promote your work on the platform), the odds are pretty slim that you will be able to have the kind of breakout hit you are after – the kind of breakout hit that your content would produce if only you could get some more eyeballs on it. That’s where we here at Alessin come into play! Designed and developed from the ground up to help you pass Tiktok competitions by flooding your content with as many fans and as many likes as you need to when, Alessin has been established by Tiktok content providers FOR Tiktok content providers – the perfect platform to give you every edge and advantage you need when it comes time to pass Tiktok competitions. As many Tiktok Fans and Likes as you want The best part of using Al... [more]

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