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How to take your Tiktok to the Next Level


How to take your Tiktok to the Next Level

   June 23, 2018

Tiktok is an empowering platform. It provides you a medium to reach out to innumerable people, who are actually interested in your videos, broadcasts, dance or Tiktok performances and other types of performing arts. Since anyone can access Tiktok and by extension its massive audience, competition is fierce and you have to be up for the challenge. Many users wonder if they have to review their marketing strategy or how they are trying to engage with their audience across social media platforms.

The truth is that nothing is more important than the actual content you create and present. If your content truly stands out on Tiktok, then there is no stopping your popularity and fame. Here are a few simple ways to take your Tiktok to the next level.

• Invest in infrastructure. You need a high definition camera. Don’t go for ordinary digital cameras. You may shoot with digital single lens reflex cameras or you may buy state of the art camcorders, handy cams or action cams. You may want to shoot adventurous stuff or record some performances from point of view perspectives. Such videos will demand those sleek little cameras you can mount on yourself. You would need a tripod and handheld accessories.

You may not need a steadicam just yet but having one will be infinitely more empowering. The more resources you have, the more creative you can be. The same reality applies to editing software and other resources you need. If you don’t have some of the best tools at your disposal, you cannot really be a superstar on Tiktok, regardless of how talented you are.


• You should work on props. Many people rightly think that their talent should do the talking. However, we live in an era when others, perhaps equally talented, will be decking up their presentation with plenty of extras. Props can actually be an integral component of any type of visual presentation. Use appropriate props and they will make your presentations more enticing. People appreciate it when any artist or performer puts in an additional effort to offer something more special than it already is.

• If you are into dancing or singing, then it is imperative for you to act out a performance. Simply singing or dancing with a noticeable dearth of facial and bodily expressions would not do you any good. You have to connect with your audience and one of the easiest ways to do so is to act and express. You need to identify the angles that will record you at your most flattering self. You can even go for odd angles to have a unique impact on your audience. Identify the best angles and then master shooting or recording your videos using appropriate shot divisions. You should also experiment with your expressions so you can be sure that a particular appearance looks good. There is nothing wrong with exaggerated or over the top expressions, as most young people tend to like them, but you don’t want to be caught in an inappropriately funny or unpleasant freeze-frame.

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