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How to get Featured on Tiktok


How to get Featured on Tiktok

   June 23, 2018

Let us accept the realty at the outset. Getting featured on Tiktok is a daunting challenge. Unless you have a truly unique or special skill and your productions are substantially superior to those of other users, there is a scarce chance that you would get featured without extensive planning. You need to make all the right noises and execute the right steps. Getting featured on Tiktok is as much about your creation as it is about promoting your posts in an effective manner. Here is a helpful guide you can use to embark on an uphill journey.

• You must post frequently on the site. You cannot expect to get featured if you have a handful of videos posted over several months. You may target one new post a week and that may seem viable but you should actually post once every day. This is not reposting what you may already have. You need a new post every day. The site has more than twelve million new posts every day. Unless you are regular on the site, you will get drowned by the activities of your fellow users, who are directly competing with you for the same rewards.

• Posting daily does not imply you can post just about anything. Your creations have to stand out. You don’t need to post ten times a day. You don’t need twenty creations every week. Focus on five to seven amazing creations in a week and post one a day. You can actually strategize production and time the posting of different contents based on your promotional needs. You can hold back on some of the creations. You can unleash your creativity in a short span of time and create content for a whole month, that you can post in a chosen sequence and at the right times.

• Always prioritize quality. It is difficult to be too conscious of quality when you have to churn out different and new contents every now and then to have one post a day. It is thus quintessential that you focus on your unique ability. Do not try to do what everyone else is doing. If others are better at it, then you would inevitably get ignored by the users of the site. Try to play to your strengths and you would have better creations. Even if the target audience for such creations is relatively smaller than other creations, you would have a better chance of being a preferred profile in the chosen niche.

• Use the hash tags to your advantage. Tiktok, like other social networks and social media sites, will use hash tags to categorize various posts and typically highlight relevant posts in trending sections. You may or may not have a creation ready for a trending hash tag. Find a smart way to use trends. You should also try and use relevant hash tags for your creations. You never know when a particular hash tag you have used becomes a part of a trend.

• Finally, buy Tiktok fans and likes. The more popular you are, the better are your chances of getting featured. The site does not really pay heed to anyone with a handful of followers or few likes. The algorithm is designed to focus on popular profiles and their creations.

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